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Strategic Marketing Plan

Vendor Selection-Introduction, setup and training

Show Production

Show Testing

Campaign Financing

Program Roll Out

Integration of other media


About Direct Marketing




Direct Response Marketing is a exciting and powerful way to introduce a new product to the market.  It's undeniably one of the most economical and fastest ways to develop a brand.  Caliber Direct is leveraging its great success in DRM by offering its operational infrastructure to other campaigns.  Whether you are new to the business or well down the path in your campaign, Caliber Direct can provide value added to your campaign.  We can manage the entire campaign or help you maximize your effectiveness at any point along the way.


There are many moving parts in a successful campaign, all of which must be fully integrated with each other to ensure success.  These components generally fall into the following categories:


  1. Strategic Marketing Plan

The entire campaign revolves around the development of a comprehensive strategic plan.  There is no room for error when it comes to planning.  An exhaustive

analysis of the following areas is the key to success:

  • Market Evaluation and Product Positioning
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Selection of Media Format
  • Messaging
  • Scripting
  • Celebrity  Endorsement
  • Offer Development
  • Upsells, continuity, and payment plans
  • Packaging and collateral materials
  • Profitability analysis 
  1. Vendor Selection-Introduction, setup and training

Ultimately, your success rides on the shoulders of your vendors.  Caliber Direct has close relationships with the Industry's major vendors.  We can help you get the best pricing and the highest quality service.  Setting up the vendors and training them properly, sets the stage for the results which follow.  The key vendors include:

  • Telemarketing
  • Fulfillment
  • Advertising Agency
  • Production House
  • Duplication House
  •  Manufacturers
  •  Web Production
  •  Legal

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  1. Show Production

The Show itself is the driving force in a direct response campaign.  The story you tell must be informative and compelling enough to motivate people to pick up the phone or go to your website.  The producer needs to embrace your vision and make it come to life.  Caliber Direct facilitates this process by:

  • Arranging and attending the green light marketing
  • Assisting in scripting and creative
  • Attending Shoots
  • Attending post production meetings
  • Supervising  web  development

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  1. Show Testing

The moment of truth comes when the Show is in the "can".  Direct response is all about testing.  It's amazing what a difference a word or two or a different offer can make in the show's performance.  Focus groups and media tests will give you real time answers to the effectiveness of your creative and offers.  Once you exceed your break even point, you can begin to ramp up the media. If the show proves that it has legs, you are on the road to success.

  • Focus groups
  • Media tests
  • Analysis of media and financial metrics

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  1. Campaign Financing

Before you can embark upon a campaign, you need to have adequate funding commitments in place.  The old adage that it always takes twice as long and costs twice as much as you expect is particularly true in direct response marketing.  Caliber Direct has extensive contacts in the financial community to assist you in your quest for the requisite funding. You may only need media funding and a merchant bank in order to succeed.  Or, you may need a full blown financial partner.  Caliber Direct will be with you each step of the way to help you secure the funding you need on the best terms and at the best pricing.

  • Merchant Banking
  • Media Funding
  • Multi-pay Financing
  • Private Equity
  • Debt Financing

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  1. Program Roll Out

Now the fun really begins.  Things seem to happen at warp speed.  All the vendors need to be closely monitored and managed to ensure success.  You are only as good as your weakest link.  If certain vendors lag behind, changes need to be made without disrupting your campaign.  Comprehensive financial reporting and analysis on a daily basis will be required in order to properly ascertain your strengths...and weaknesses.  Caliber Direct is there to manage the vital components of the campaign:

      • Media Planning & Buying
      • Financial reporting and inventory control
      • Vendor management
      • Refresh of Show
      • Public Relations

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Integration of other media

As the show becomes successful, other forms of media must be seamlessly added to the mix.  A comprehensive program which fully utilizes all forms of media needs to be integrated into the program.  The messages and offers need to be clear and consistent regardless of medium, in order to fully reinforce the consumer's perception of your product.  These activities include:

      • Print Advertising
      • Short form TV
      • Radio
      • Home shopping networks
      • Direct mail
      • Web Marketing
      • International Distribution
      • Database Mining

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  1. Retail

Once you have branded your name through direct response, you are ready for the grand daddy of them all...retail.  Retail, however, is a double edged sword.  You don't want to go to retail until you have taken full advantage of the direct response life cycle.  However, you want to be ready to go to the retail as soon as the show begins its direct response decline.  If you aren't careful, the Walmarts of the world can destroy everything you have created.  Caliber Direct knows the whys and wherefores of retail, and can help you navigate through these troubled waters.



In short, Caliber Direct is only name you need to know in Direct Response Marketing

Do you have a product that can benefit from Caliber Holding's direct marketing expertise? If so, please tell us about it.